• Class-leading peak power handling of 4.5 kW (V10 kit) and 12kW (V15 kit) – more than enough to deal with most portable applications
  • 135dB+ maximum SPL plus hi-fi quality sound
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Enclosures crafted out of top quality WOOD (not plastic!), the same material we use for our flagship systems
  • Outline’s polyurea coating technology provides super-tough protection for the loudspeakers for a much longer road life
  • Outline ‘sonic fingerprint’ carried over from our flagship systems so easy to combine V10 / 15 with larger Outline systems for bigger events
  • True ‘Plug And Play’ solutions for a wide variety of applications – so quick and easy to transport and set up, no time wasted!
  • Absolutely unrivalled price:performance ratio – premium quality products delivered at MI pricing
2 x Vegas10 two-way point-source loudspeakers
2 x Vegas15 two-way point-source loudspeakers
1 x Sub118-SP23 amplified subwoofer
2 x Sub118-SP12 amplified subwoofers
2 x NL2FX / NL2FX cables with standard
speakon connector (10 m)
2 x NL2FX / NL2FX cables with standard
speakon connector (2 m)
1 x Powercon True1 (IP65) /
Powercord power cable (EU standard plug)
2 x Powercon True1 (IP65) /
Powercord power cables (EU standard plug)
1 x Wheelboard-01 for the subwoofer
2 x Wheelboard-01 for the subwoofers
2 x loudspeaker loudspeaker poles