• Highly efficient, powerful low-frequency loudspeaker fitted with one 18″ transducer
  • Exceptional size-to-power ratio (142.5 dB SPL short-term peak @ 1 m)
  • Built-in amlifier module: 2400W EIAJ / 4 ohm
  • Four selectable EQ presets
  • Proprietary Outline design provides tremendous ‘punch’
  • Outline ‘E.R.P.’ (‘Energy Retentive Porting’) design assists airflow and enhances transducer efficiency
  • Finished with Polyurea, featuring amazing durability and superior physical properties
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy (as are all Outline products)



  • High-quality permanent installations in any location which requires extended low-frequency reinforcement including dance clubs, live music venues, indoor sports arenas, theme parks and modern worship locations
  • An ideal partner for all Outline line/point source systems

The SUB 118 SP enclosure is a high output self-powered sub-bass system equipped with one long-excursion 18” transducer. It is ideal for applications requiring super-powerful sub bass delivery, including live music and dance venues.
This focus and clarity not only enhances the reproduction of program material but also makes the most efficient use of amplifier power. This is a result of Outline’s proprietary ‘E.R.P.’ (‘Energy Retentive Porting’) design. Based on the principles of fluid dynamics and successfully applied to the science of controlling pneumatic forces within a loudspeaker enclosure, this unique arrangement of specially-shaped ports ensures an optimum airflow. This reduces internal turbulence, maximising the efficiency of the transducers and thus allowing more amplifier power to be converted into acoustic energy. Such a design requires high-precision manufacturing techniques, and Outline’s engineering team have applied some original production techniques to turn an exciting concept into a physical reality.
The built-in amplifier platform with four selectable EQ presets and input gain enables to use this enclosure as part of a plug & play solution. The maximum available power from the amplifier module is 2400 W EIAJ at 4 ohm, 4800 W peak.


Frequency Response -10 dB 35 Hz – 800 Hz
Suggested Cross-Over max 120 Hz
Nominal Dispersion Quasi-Omnidirectional
Power amplifier Type: Class D (digital)
Input impedance: 4.5 kΩ balanced
Rated power: 2400 W EIAJ at 4 Ω
Cooling: Cooling Tunnel + Variable Speed Fan
Special feature: selectable input gain and preset
Maximum SPL Output * 142.5 dB SPL

* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, Half space


Component 1 x 18” direct radiation woofer
Connectors Audio: 1 Combo XLR / jack 6.35 mm TRS + 1 Link Out XLR
Mains: 1 PowerCON True1 + 1 Link Out
Control: USB Type B
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points 16 x M8 threaded points
Pole Mount 2 x M20 threaded points
Height 570 mm – 22 1/2”
Width 570 mm – 22 1/2”
Depth 750 mm – 29 1/2”
Weight 49 kg – 108 lb