• High output power
  • High current driving capability
  • Forced air cooling
  • Full finction display

Designed with the most advanced audio techniligues the Outline LF series are true professional audio amplifiers built with the highest manufacturing standards. Developed to meet the most demanding requirements of the sound reinforcement applications, the Outline LF series provides non stop operation with absolute stability and reliability. Only IEC approved components and parts are used in these amplifiers, and they are manufactured to satisfy and to be in accordance with safety objects stated for “electrical device” working within the limits of pertinent CE, European Community directive.
Based on a true complementary design the Outline LF series have balanced input stages with high slew rate, class A operating IC, and output stages with high current, class AB operating semiconductors, with very low negative feedback applied. The two level power supply is based on a single massive toroidal power transformer, with large, low series resistance energy storage capacitors.
Advanced protection circuit for the amplifier itself and for the connected load provide the high reliability of these power amplifiers, also in the most critical applications.
The cooling system is based on a forced air system with a single speed fan with air intake from the front panel and exhaustion on the rear panel.
Switcheble HP and LP filters are provided, with a switchable limiting circuit.
A sophisticated display system is provided in these power amplifiers, to monitor the output level, the mode and the status of operation and the protection circuits action.
Circuitry layout of these amplifiers is of modular type, with separate signal and power mother boards.
The Standard EIA 19”, 3U high rugged chassis, with handles on both front and rear panels is designed to provide the highest grade of mechanichal stability.