• Compact and lightweight omni-directional sound source
  • Maximum Sound Power: 130.3 dB re 1 pW
  • Max Power: 1600 W RMS 3600 W peak
  • No diffraction caused by sharp edges
  • No reflection caused by plane surfaces
  • Ventilation and ferro-fluid cooling
  • 4 independent channels
  • ISO140-3, ISO354, ISO3382 and DIN 52210 compliant
  • Fully controllable via a dedicated iPhone APP, downloadable from the APP Store (iP24 DSP required)



  • Room acoustics measurements: acoustic insulation of internal walls, floor slabs, acoustic insulation from external environment;
  • Architectural acoustics measurements: definition of acoustic parameters of auditoria, cinemas, concert halls, places of worship, entertainment and social venues;
  • A few examples of acoustic parameters derivable from measurements made with the help of GSR used as an omni-directional sound source: Clarity Indices (C50, C80), Intelligibility Indices (AlCons, STI, RASTI etc.), Reverberation Time (RT60), Early Decay Time (EDT), Soundproofing Power, Impulse Response, Intensity (G)

The Outline Globe Source Radiator is an adjustable multi-directivity sound radiator, intended for use in acoustical measurements for which not only a uniform spherical sound radiation is required, but also a desired directivity, to match various sound sources, from speech to any other acoustic instruments or devices.

The consequently spherical, robust design of the Globe Source Radiator provides a perfectly homogeneous sound field. Thanks to this unique design, reflections at plane surfaces as well as diffractions around sharp edges are virtually impossible. The extremely small diameter and specially shaped loudspeaker membranes assure perfect isotropic directivity.

The Globe Source Radiator is the first dodecahedron system on the market with ‘bass-reflex’ enclosure concept. This type of loading allows to obtain major pressure levels and major extension of the frequency response in the low-frequency zone due to the precise tuning. The loudspeaker membranes’ excursion is limited at the resonance frequency, thus ensuring a higher level of reliability; the bass-reflex channels enable better cooling of the transducers.

Globe Source mounts specially designed transducers that feature a perfectly optimized Phase-Cone and a double Neodymium magnet circuit as well as additional ferrofluid cooling, thus increasing thermal power dissipation and making it possible for Globe Source to handle up to double the power compared to conventional loudspeakers: after two hours of continuous operation at maximum level the temperature reaches only 45°C. Thanks to these features, short-term peaks can be tolerated better and more safely (e.g. for room impulse response measurements). As far as the control of the Globe Source is concerned, Outline recommends using iP24 iMode Digital Loudspeaker Processor. In fact, by using iP24, the Globe Source shall be fully controllable via a dedicated iPhone APP, downloadable from the APP Store. Globe Source needs to be driven by the Outline M Series amplifiers (M2800-4 and/or M5000-4), delivering maximum sound quality with increased headroom and utmost operation reliability.


Operating frequency field 90 Hz – 9 kHz
Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
Operating configuration Four amplified channels (standard)
Twelve amplified channels (special version)
Nominal Impedance 4 x 4 Ω (standard version)
Power handling 128 dB re 1 pW 90 ÷ 900 Hz (AES2-1984-(r1997) standard)
Maximum short-term sound power level
(signal: pink noise 90 ÷ 9000 Hz)
Broad band: 130.3 dB re 1 pW
Spectral: min 98 dB re 1 pW in each 1/3-octave band
Connector Speakon Neutrik NL8 (standard version)
Diameter 310 mm – 12 1/4″
Weight 12.5 kg – 27.5 lb