• 4-in/12-out matrix (confi gurable as required) in a single 19” rack unit
  • SHARC® 32-bit (48/96 kHz) DSP for exceptional audio quality
  • High dynamics (120dB) and very low distortion (-100dB)
  • Totally controllable via PC using a network interface, it can be remote controlled with wireless systems
  • Powerful dedicated software with easily readable graphics and intuitive access to the numerous functions available
  • 10 presets directly selectable via control panel (no dedicated software required)
  • Limiter and compressor able to control separate bands
  • Real-time display of filter response
  • An unlimited number of units can be daisy-chained and controlled with a single PC
The Outline Genius M412 matrix is the integrated solution for the control of complex audio systems, with the possibility of simultaneously processing 4 inputs and no less than 12 outputs, all in the space of just one standard rack unit. Thanks to its highly dynamic converters (120dB) and very low distortion (-100dB), as well as a very high performance computation unit based on a SHARC® processor, Genius M412 guarantees great functionality and exceptional quality.
The SHARC® twin unit fl oating-point processor, with a power of 400 million operations per second, enables to provide each chan-nel with all the necessary processing for trouble-free optimisation of the operation and performance of a pro audio system, even if very complex. Each input channel has delay and 6 parametric fi l-ters to adjust response and tone; and can be routed to one or more outputs and mixed with the other inputs.
Each output is fi tted with crossover, parametric and High/Low Shelving fi lters, to correct the frequency response of the individual channels; polarity, phase and “time-align” control enable to set correct alignment. The particularly effective output signal limiting and compressing can be used on separate bands.
The system’s entire confi guration can be completely controlled via PC, using a network interface, preset to be remote controlled with wireless systems. An unlimited number of units can be daisy-chained and controlled with just one PC.
The powerful control software, developed entirely in Outline labs, automatically scans the network at start-up and recognizes all OUTLINE devices connected, displaying images showing their types. Selecting one of the displayed devices gives access to its confi guration (see sample images). The block diagram displayed allows intuitive access to the numerous functions available. It’s also possible to display the fi ltering sections’ operation in real time on Bode plots.
Thanks to its impeccable sound quality and exceptional fl exibility of use – but also for its effective control software, entirely developed in the Outline labs – Genius M412 is one of the most advanced units available on today’s pro audio market.