• Fast quality control device for loudspeakers
  • Small, light-weight, portable
  • Quick on-field-test for touring systems
  • Direct measurement of transducer’s electrical resistance
  • Designed in cooperation with touring engineers
  • Internal memory with preset for Outline single boxes
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Discovers different faults (blown loudspeakers, disconnected cables, …) even in series-parallel configurations
  • Possibility to be used with any (even not-Outline) multi-way loudspeakers with no capacitors in series
  • 9 V battery with battery exclusion button
  • Transport cover included

The Outline FASTQC-LS is a small, lightweight electronic test device designed to allow on-the-spot identification of electric damage – such as disconnected wires, blown coils etc. – within multiple-transducer loudspeaker modules.


With a suitable short link cable appropriate to the pin wiring and connector of the loudspeaker, a technician can very quickly identify any electric fault within the module. This can be done in-situ even if it is part of a line-source system, because the only access required is that provided for the amplifier(s) powering the system.


The FASTQC-LS is self-powered via an internal 9 V cell so the testing can take place anywhere – in the truck, on the loading dock, in the venue, wherever is convenient. The test process is virtually instantaneous thus allowing more time to take the necessary remedial action before the system is deployed.


The FASTQC-LS has been designed in order to have a really quick on-field check of loudspeaker systems like GTO or Butterfly (see the list below). It is intended to measure one speaker at a time on touring application, before rigging the system. In situations like this you usually don’t have AC power available and, basically, no time to test anything. This fast quality tester allows the user to quickly check the loudspeaker system.

An additional function is provided in order to measure all the four ways simultaneously, as you would do by using an electrical tester to check the resistance of the components. This is useful in order to measure a system that is already rigged and the speakers are connected in parallel.


It measures the DC resistance of each way. We chose this measurement because the DC resistance of any speaker is very stable in the time and also because the measurement is very reliable even in a noisy environment.


It can be used to measure all the speakers (even non-Outline) designed to be deployed with an external active cross-over (so no passive internal cross-over), and with no capacitors in series to the components.

The available presets are: GTO,  GTO C-12, GTO-DF, GTO-LOW, GTO-SUB, DBS 18-2, LAB 21 HS, BUTTERFLY, MANTAS, MANTAS 28 and SUBTECH 218.