• High-efficiency self-powered subwoofer (1000 W EIAJ, PWM power amp module).
  • 1 x 15″ long-excursion low frequency transducers featuring innovative technologies to provide premium electro-acoustic performance to reliably deliver very high SPLs over extended periods.
  • Very high power handling (2400 watt AES peak) and maximum sound pressure level (141 dB SPL peak at 1 metre in half space)
  • Equipped with Outline’s iMode technology, providing complete monitoring and control via any Ethernet connection.


iMode Features

  • Direct control of all Outline iMode enabled speaker systems via iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (with dedicated app).
  • Latest implementation of Outline’s mission “from computer to enclosures”, featuring: rapid operation, ease of use, the enjoyment of a touch screen, the efficiency of the controls and the precision of digital technology.
  • Real-time control over a series of parameters – levels, delay, eqs, shelving filters and group functions.



  • Designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of low frequencies at very high levels, its ability to reproduce program material with such integrity makes the DVS 115 SW iSP applicable for either fixed or mobile use, which requires energetic low frequency response without stress or equalisation. Primarily designed for use with the DVS 12/15P iSP.

The DVS 115 SW iSP is a single 15” subwoofer enclosure using phase inversion type loading, which, coupled with the use of several innovative loudspeaker technologies, allows it to deliver consistent performance at the highest levels over many years. The particular aspect of 4th order loading enables a wide band pass and great extension towards the bottom end of the frequency response. The high quality components used, allows a useable bandwidth reproduced at -10 dB from 39 Hz to 147 Hz, with remarkable linearity: +/-3 dB from 44 Hz to 110 Hz (factory preset), this enables the system to be used in a wide range of applications for sound reproduction from low to mid/low frequencies. The maximum continuous AES power of 600 W gives 131 dB SPL in half space while peak values even reach 141 dB SPL. The DVS 115 SW iSP’s high quality build finish is constructed from 15 mm (phenolic-glued) Baltic-birch plywood. The outer finish applied is a scratch resistant, waterproof black paint and the front of the cabinet is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille. There is a receptacle for mounting the optional support of a satellite (if used); integral handles and an optional trolley facilitate transport, even on uneven surfaces.
The high-efficiency amplifier is able to deliver a total of 1000 W EIAJ power to the transducer. The system embodies the iMode technology, thus allowing a comprehensive and reliable control and monitoring.


All the DVS iSP series is equipped with Outline’s proprietary iMode technology. Utilised extensively throughout the Outline range, iMode is a truly “intelligent” digital loudspeaker control platform which combines advanced digital signal processing and TCP/IP protocol to provide comprehensive control capabilities and a huge choice of interface devices. Users have real-time control over a series of parameter (levels, delay, eq’s, shelving filters). iMode also allows the user to monitor performance parameters throughout the system (including VU-meters, clip and limiter status, amplifier overheating and protection) by using an iPad with dedicated Outline app. With standard IP-based communication, the iMode platform is truly future-proof, offering control via netbook, smartphone, and many devices yet to appear. iMode operates on a Linux operating system with an Outline-customised kernel, chosen for its extreme stability and compatibility, and providing a robust foundation for iMode’s advanced functions.

Telescopic pole for DVS 8P/SP, 10P/SP, 12P/iSP, 15P/iSP – EIDOS 10, 12, 15 – VEGAS 10, 12, 15, 8CX, 12CX, 15CX

Wheeled trolley/front panel protection for DVS 115 SW / DVS 115 SW iSP

Weather protection cover for DVS 115 SW / DVS 115 SW iSP


Frequency Response (-10 dB) 39 Hz – 147 Hz
Suggested Cross-Over Max 150 Hz
Nominal Dispersion Quasi-omnidirectional
Power Amplifier Type: Class D (digital)
Input impedance: 10 kΩ balanced to ground
Rated power: 1000 W EIAJ on 8 Ω (bridged)
Cooling: temperature controlled variable speed fan
Special feature: controllable via iPad app
Maximum SPL Output * 141 dB SPL
* calculated using +10 dB Crest Factor signal @ 1 m, half space


Component 15″ woofer, vented high-pass box
Connectors Audio: 1 XLR + 1 Link Out
Ethernet: 1 EtherCon + 1 Link Out (RJ 45 Socket)
Mains: 1 Powercon + 1 Link Out
Cabinet Material Baltic birch plywood
Cabinet Finish Black polyurea coating
Grill Epoxy powder coated
Installation Points N/A
Pole Mount M20 threaded point
Height 550 mm – 21 5/8″
Width 450 mm – 17 3/8″
Depth 550 mm – 21 5/8″
Weight 30.5 kg – 67.2 lb